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Here you can create your own free adult hosted blog. Smut Post is founded by the people behind the award winning affiliate program Nasty Dollars. If you are not an affiliate yet you should check it out.

Quick Overview

  • Adult Content only!
  • You can have multiple blogs. Same email.
  • Super nice WYSIWYG editor.
  • 50MB of free hosting space. Each blog.
  • Promote any affiliate program.

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Why use Smut Post for your adult blogs?

  • Search Engine optimized blogs.
  • SmutPost is created for adult blogging, therefore 100% porn content is allowed.
  • Unlimited amount of blogs. As many sub domains as you want.
  • No pesky banners, just a little top or bottom bar.
  • WYSIWYG blog post editor including a integrated image uploader.
  • Most recent Wordpress, the best blogging software currently available.
  • Full RSS support.
  • Enough disk space for your blog post images.
  • Many templates available and more coming!
  • Schedule blog posts, write blog posts today and schedule them for the next 4 weeks.
  • It's easy to use.
  • Blogging is one of the most profitable ways to make money in adult business.
  • Your blog is on a subdomain and will get it's own PR from Google!
  • Receive high quality traffic from search engines.
  • Promote any sponsors the way you like.
  • Trade links/traffic with other high quality blogs.
  • You won't be pushed in any direction, it's your blog.

  • And much much more...

What is a blog?

Just what is a "blog"? Well in it's simplest form it's just a web log like diary or personal journal that is published for the anyone in the world to see. When we use the word "blog" we use it as a verb like "to blog" and as a noun. When you sign up at SmutPost, you can begin your own blog, an archive of adult content, where you can write for SEO, rank in Google, display photos and videos and get comments on your posts.

Most other services don't allow people to create adult blogs. That is why SmutPost created. SmutPost allows you to create a adult, porn and XXX blogs.

How does SmutPost compare to other free blog hosts?

All of our competitors use standard software called 'Hostpress' for their services. So it's easy to compare the SmutPost with the services of all our competitors.

Feature ListHostpressSmutPost
Free Hosting
Options16> 60
Image Upload1 MB50 MB
RSS Feeds
HTML wizards
More blogs on 1 account
Schedule log entries
Moderation of comments
Share content between blogs
Random content on blog
Categorized content on blog
Warning page support
Boxes support
Advanced editor
Bookmarktlet for fast posts
Thumb- and text blogs
Save and share templates
Frequently new updates
Advanced link support

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